Helpful Local Links

Below is a list of helpful local links we have compiled for your ease.  Click on the logos to take you to any websites.  


Real Estate Finders:

** All of these websites also have free iPhone apps, you can activate the app with the 'homes for sale nearby' button.  This will show you homes available including info and pictures of all for sale homes. **



Home Owners Insurance:

Philleo Agency Insurance   262-432-4200

Philleo Agency Insurance 262-432-4200


Household Goods Moving & Storage Service:

Coakley Contact:

         Kevin Kaufmann, Director of Residential Relocation
         Office: 414.238.2557 / Cell: 414.349.1526

Mortgage / Banking Options/Financial Planning:


First State Mortgage Contact: 

         Jason Marsh, First State Mortgage   
         262.565.0290 /  



Johnson Bank Mortgage Contact: 

         Tammy Klemmer, Johnson Bank
         262.787.4358 / 



North Shore Mortgage Contact: 

         Steven Luebke, North Shore Bank
         262.797.3888 / 


R. W. Baird Financial Advisor: 

          Jennifer Roettgers Chapp, RW Baird
          262.523.3800 /  

Home Inspectors: 

National Property Inspections Contact:
Ken Helbing, National Property Inspections

         Ken Helbing, National Property Inspections
         800.544.2128 / 


Scott Nelson 414.405.3395 /

Scott Nelson 414.405.3395 /

Tom Preston. Home Services LLC    414.607.1859/

Tom Preston. Home Services LLC






Click on the logo of a desired district and it will take you to the District web site. If you don’t see the school district your looking for click on the Great Schools Link below. Great Schools can search any district in the United States.


Public Schools Districts of Interest:




Private Schools:




Grocery Stores: 


Health Clubs: 


Local Area Info: