Step 1
Pricing - Get A Comparable Market Analysis

Before you put your home on the market, you should do some research.  The market is always ever changing.  You should call The David Eyrise Team to run all the active, pending and sold homes in your neighborhood over the past year.  That should give you a current understanding of where the market is trending.  Some tips on pricing:

  1. Do not base your price on the assessed value of your home.  The city assessors hardly ever go inside a home. The assessed value is based on  what the Municipality needs for revenue, not the fact you put granite counters or ceramic tiled floors in your home.
  2. If you still owe a lot on your mortgage, be sure you are not pricing by a number you need to get. You will never get that specific price you think you need.  The market will always bear  what the market currently is selling for.  Make sure the market is trending to what you can clear before you go on the market.
  3. Pricing your home correctly is 95% of  marketing your home to sell.  If a Realtor lets you tell them the price of your home. The Realtor is not doing their job.

Step 2
Getting Your Home Ready

Now that you know how much your home is worth. The David Eyrise Team can also have an evaluation done by a professional interior decorator at no cost to you the owner. This will give your home a fresh set of eyes with a understanding of the current market wants and have nots. The decorator will do a home evaluation that will give you DIY ideas such as furniture layout, organization ideas, color selections for painting walls, etc.  You can also pay the Interior Decorator to stage the home for you.  If you are planning to do any work to the home prior to putting your home on the market, do it before not during or after your home is on the market.


Step 3
Now You Have an Accepted Offer

When should you start packing?  You should start getting small odds and end things in boxes while your home is on the market.  Once the buyer’s inspections and testing have been completed and negotiated you should start getting serious about packing. The only major things left will be bank appraisal and financing.  Those items are usually completed within the last 2 weeks prior to Closing.  Their is never a for-sure date or deadline when things are ready.  Even the Loan Commitment letters are filled with contingencies today.  What words a home owner want to hear is “Clear To Close”.  This means the lender will be able to fund the loan.

Getting your ducks in a row.  Before you close on your home you will have all these check list of things to do before Closing.  One of the big list items is to be sure you set up your utilities, cable and internet services to stop the day before Closing.  The Buyer is responsible on the day of closing for all those services.  Also, make sure you have notified the Post Office, Financial, School and Medical people with your new address so they know how to reach you.