Home Purchase 

Athletes On The Move always want to make sure our clientele is buying smart. We take a vested interest in the homes that are being purchased so our clients will have a property they love and will be able to sell later when that time in their life calls for a change.  Athletes On The Move Partners are available anywhere in the country as well as internationally.  Our Real Estate Partners are experienced, successful agents that live and can educate you in the area you are moving to.


Home Selling & Marketing

Now that your life events requires a change, we can help with selling your home if you are moving up or scaling down.  Athletes On The Move and their Partners of experienced agents understand the unique marketing and privacy that a high profile client and their home will need to get the job done anywhere in the country or worldwide.  We can also help you transition from your current home to your next home with our concierge services.  We offer special services from Area Information, Household Goods Moving Companies to Mortgage Services. 


New Construction Assistance 

Athletes On The Move will be with you every step of the way when you want to build your dream home.  We can help you find the perfect lot to build your home and make sure there are no issues building on it.  We work with talented architects and interior decorators throughout the country and worldwide to help put your dreams on paper.  The architect will know all the building codes for the particular area that you want to build in so there are no problems once you start to build.  Athletes On The Move will also set up interviews to vet and select the best builder that understands what you want in a home so that you are building your dream home with someone you are comfortable with and can trust.


Real Estate Investing

Let us help you build a smart Real Estate portfolio.  It can be as easy as buying a second home for vacation or rental investment properties.  Athletes On The Move have experienced Commercial Real Estate agents and advisors that can help with buying franchises (i.e.- Walgreens, Taco Bell) to create a passive income.  We also has connections with vetted Venture Capitalists that bring new ideas that we can present to our clients...from hotel/ condos, restaurants to land developing.


Seasonal Services - Annual Season & Pre Season Temp. Housing

The business of professional sports requires players, coaches, and executives to be very mobile and able to move on short notice to a new city.  Athletes On The Move can make sure you have a place to rent in your new city and do their best to have your current lease left with minimum penalty if traded.  With having vetted agents in every major sports city, Athletes On The Move can make your move less stressful.  We have discounts in place for Furniture Rental, Cleaning Services, Personal Chef, and anything else you will need for your new move.


City-To-City Concierge Services

Athletes On The Move can provide the following services worldwide: 

  • Household Goods Moving

  • Audio & Visual setup with discounts for TV's and other Component Purchases

  • Custom Furniture Purchase

  • Fitness Equipment Purchase & Home Gym Design

  • Interior Design Services & Products

  • Private Concierge

  • Personal Chef Services

  • Maid/Butler Services

  • Private Jet Rentals


**fees may apply for individual services