This is the second time I’ve bought a home with Dave and he was just as helpful, resourceful, and available at this time as he was the first time.
— Kurt Schultz Bought a Home in 2016
We truly appreciated your honesty, experience, and most of all, always being available, including at 10PM the Saturday night before Easter. You have earned life-long clients who will always speak highly of you to anyone in need of a realtor.
— Jake & Deanna Peschman Bought a Home in 2016
Great job ‘getting it done’ in 2015! The advice and assistance The David Eyrise Team provided us through 2014-2015 was priceless. Without it, I know we would not have been able to sell our property for the amount we did. Everything went smoothly with the added bonus that we feel very good about the new owners being interested in taking care of the property and appreciating it’s unique character as an old house.
— Dan & Julia Baldus Sold a Home in 2015
Great experience! Everything happened without any incident. Dave was very knowledgeable about what to look for in the houses we saw!
— Stephen & Becky Darrow Bought a Home in 2015
Dave was incredibly helpful and patient. His knowledge and professionalism made the whole process much much easier.
— Daniel Darrow Bought a Home in 2015
We never had to worry about whether something would go wrong. We could trust The David Eyrise team to set it right. Happy to serve as a referral.
— Dave & Paula Termuhlen Bought a Home in 2015
Dave is very prompt and professional. He made the process go by hassle free.
— Kaushik & Prachi Shahir Bought & Sold a Home in 2015